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XXVI Brazilian Congress on Biomedical Engineering: CBEB 2018, Armação de Buzios, RJ, Brazil, 21-25 October 2018 (Vol. 1) by Rodrigo Costa-Felix, João Carlos Machado, André Victor Alvarenga 2019

XXVI Brazilian Congress on Biomedical Engineering: CBEB 2018, Armação de Buzios, RJ, Brazil, 21-25 October 2018 (Vol. 1)

Details Of The Book

XXVI Brazilian Congress on Biomedical Engineering: CBEB 2018, Armação de Buzios, RJ, Brazil, 21-25 October 2018 (Vol. 1)

edition: 1st ed. 
Authors: , ,   
serie: IFMBE Proceedings 70/1 
ISBN : 9789811321184 
publisher: Springer Singapore 
publish year: 2019 
pages: 827 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 42 MB 

Related keywords of XXVI Brazilian Congress on Biomedical Engineering: CBEB 2018, Armação de Buzios, RJ, Brazil, 21-25 October 2018 (Vol. 1) book : Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Health Informatics, Biomaterials, Health Informatics, Bioinformatics

price : $16.2 18 With 10% OFF

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You can Download XXVI Brazilian Congress on Biomedical Engineering: CBEB 2018, Armação de Buzios, RJ, Brazil, 21-25 October 2018 (Vol. 1) Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter ....Pages i-xxv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Cell-Tracking System (Fernanda dos Santos Costa Leomil, Pedro Xavier de Oliveira)....Pages 3-11
Comparison of Three Different Mathematical Models Applied to Respiratory Mechanics During Bronchoconstriction (Amanda N. Barros, Renato de L. Vitorasso, Marcelo H. Valenga, Fabio Gava Aoki, Thiago Guimarães Rodrigues, Paulo F. G. Cardoso et al.)....Pages 13-18
Constant Phase Model’s Sensitivity to Increasing Doses of Methacholine (Henrique Tomaz Amorim, Renato de Lima Vitorasso, André Suaiden Schimidt, Maria Aparecida Oliveira, Henrique Takachi Moriya)....Pages 19-24
Evaluation and Quantification of Electrode Arrangement Performance for Electrochemotherapy (R. Guedert, G. B. Pintarelli, A. de C. Antonio Jr., D. O. H. Suzuki)....Pages 25-30
Evaluation of Rate of Muscular Force Development in Type 2 Diabetic Individuals with and without Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (M. A. Favretto, S. Cossul, F. R. Andreis, J. L. B. Marques)....Pages 31-36
Evaluation of the Forced Oscillation Technique and the Extended RIC Model in the Analysis of Individuals with Work-Related Asthma (Fábio Augusto d’Alegria Tuza, Paula Morisco de Sá, Agnaldo José Lopes, Hermano Albuquerque de Castro, Pedro Lopes de Melo)....Pages 37-43
Evaluation of the Forced Oscillation Technique in the Differential Diagnosis of Obstructive and Restrictive Respiratory Diseases (Alexandre G. Sancho, Alvaro C. D. Faria, Jorge L. M. Amaral, Agnaldo J. Lopes, Pedro L. Melo)....Pages 45-50
Hepatic Fatty Acid Profile in Mice with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (Aline Xavier, Flavia Zacconi, Daniel Cabrera, Karen Fuenzalida, Marcelo Andia)....Pages 51-56
Hodgkin-Huxley Model Indicates an Inversion in the Strength-Duration Curves for Mono and Biphasic Stimuli (Pedro Xavier de Oliveira, Jair Trapé Goulart, Marcelo Zoccoler)....Pages 57-62
Integer and Fractional-Order Modelling in the Early Diagnosis of the Respiratory Abnormalities Associated with Smoking and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Caroline Oliveira Ribeiro, Alvaro Camilo Dias Faria, Agnaldo José Lopes, Pedro Lopes de Melo)....Pages 63-68
Front Matter ....Pages 69-69
Analysis of Carbon, Oxygen, Strontium and Lead Isotopes in Human Teeth: Inferences for Forensic Investigation (Ana Claudia Stadler Burak Mehl, Lucilene Yumi Ishida, Rubens Alexandre de Faria)....Pages 71-77
Clinical and Thermal Evaluation and Microstructural Characterization of Silicone Gel Used in Newborns Submitted to Non-invasive Ventilation (D. F. C. Ribeiro, F. S. Barros, E. Azevedo, B. L. Fernandes, P. Nohama)....Pages 79-84
Design and Hydrodynamic Performance of a Pediatric Pulsatile Pump (I. A. Cestari, M. Mazzetto, H. T. T. Oyama, S. Bacht, M. B. Jatene, I. N. Cestari et al.)....Pages 85-88
Mechanical Evaluation of Poly-ε-Caprolactone and Biosilicate® Composites (A. F. Weber, R. S. Monteiro, S. M. Malmonge, M. T. Souza, O. Petil, J. K. M. B. Daguano)....Pages 89-92
Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles and Separation of Impurities (Monalisa Conceição Silva, Elisa Rennó Carneiro Déster, Francisco Eduardo de Carvalho Costa)....Pages 93-97
Tribological Evaluation of an Optical Fiber Laser Marked Stainless Steel for Biomedical Applications (Eurico Felix Pieretti, Renato Altobelli Antunes, Maurício David Martins das Neves)....Pages 99-103
Front Matter ....Pages 105-105
A Biomechanics and Gait Analysis Monitored by Accelerometry Inside and Outside the Water (C. C. B. Souza, E. L. Cavalcante, A. V. M. Inocencio, N. A. Cunha, R. J. R. S. Lucena, M. G. Coriolano et al.)....Pages 107-111
Acute Stabilization of Postural Sway After a Cervical Spinal Manipulation (Paulo Toshio Uchiyama, Gustavo Felix Teixeira, Cristiano Rocha da Silva, Fernando Henrique Magalhães)....Pages 113-117
Agreement Between Estimative of Shear Modulus in the Superficial and Deep Layers of the Multifidus (Viviane Bastos de Oliveira, Wagner Coelho de Albuquerque Pereira, Liliam Fernandes de Oliveira)....Pages 119-124
Analysis of the 3R15 and C-Leg Knee Prosthesis (C. R. L. Moraes, V. J. B. de Lima, C. C. B. de Souza, A. V. M. Inocencio, B. Mochel, C. Rodrigues et al.)....Pages 125-128
On the Load Share Between Nailing and Bone (Paulo P. Kenedi, José R. O. S. Neto, Rodrigo R. P. Rodarte)....Pages 129-135
Biomechanics of Postural Control in Yoga: A Pilot Study (Dafne Pires Pinto, Pedro Sarmet, Alexandre Visitainer Pino, Luciano Luporini Menegaldo)....Pages 137-146
Blood Flow Restriction Device for Resistance Training (R. D. Santos, C. N. Pai)....Pages 147-153
Comparative Analysis of Ankle Prosthesis Connector Adapters in 3D Printed Using PLA and PETG (A. Silva, Denner Guilhon)....Pages 155-161
Comparative Analysis of Anthropometric Variables of Undergraduate Athletes in Different Collective Modalities (Bárbara Silva, Beatriz Menezes, Leandro Fernan-des, Marco Silva)....Pages 163-166
Design of MATLAB/OpenSim Elbow Flexion Angular Setpoint Controller (Wellington Cássio Pinheiro, Maria Claudia F. de Castro, Luciano L. Menegaldo)....Pages 167-174
Development of a Power Evaluation System for Combat Sports, Based on Load Cell and Elastic Band (Pedro Vieira Sarmet Moreira, Luciano Luporini Menegaldo)....Pages 175-178
Development of Multi-sensor System for Dynamic Analysis of Prehension Tasks (Letícia Munhoz Avellar, Natália Rinaldi, Teodiano Bastos, Anselmo Frizera)....Pages 179-185
Development of New Foot Model for Dynamic Equinus Foot Behavior During Gait (Carlos Gonçalves, Mariana Baccarin, Aline Dalfito, Sheila Denucci, Carolina Girardi, Marloes Kijzers et al.)....Pages 187-192
Dynamical Analysis of Human Gait at Low Speeds (Daniel B. Robbi, João P. C. D. Freire, Antônio P. L. Bó, Alberto C. G. C. Diniz)....Pages 193-199
Effect of Vertebral Mobilizations on Respiratory Pressure (Rafael Victor Ferreira do Bonfim, Gabriel Mauriz de Moura Rocha, Anna Mércia da Silveira Sousa, Bárbara Fernanda Oliveira Rodrigues, Vilson Rosa Almeida)....Pages 201-205
Exploring Hip and Knee Biomechanical Differences Between Horizontal and Vertical Single Leg Jumps (Henrique Lelis Clemente de Oliveira, Felipe Costa Alvim, Luciano Luporini Menegaldo)....Pages 207-212
Functional Electrical Stimulator for Treatment of Patients with Foot Drop (Jamile T. D. Alves, Marco A. B. Rodrigues, André F. P. Aleixo)....Pages 213-218
Gait Analysis of Foot Drop in the Anatomic Plan Using the Walkaide® Device (F. M. F. B. M. Aragão, A. V. M. Inocêncio, E. M. Aragão Junior, J. C. Vieira, C. Rodrigues, C. S. Silveira et al.)....Pages 219-224
Gait Initiation Process: Comparing Force and Pressure Platforms Data (Fernanda Grazielle da Silva Azevedo Nora, Michelle Bazilio Milan, Franciele Paiva, Nilva Pessoa de Souza, Alfredo de Oliveira Assis, Fábio Barbosa Rodrigues et al.)....Pages 225-228
High-Frequency Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Improves Motor Performance in Individuals with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury (Amanda Vitória Lacerda de Araújo, Valéria Ribeiro Nogueira Barbosa, Gilma Serra Galdino, Felipe Fregni, Thais Massetti, Sara Lynn Fontes et al.)....Pages 229-233
Human Gait Assessment Using the Qualysis Track Manager (QTM): Determining the Points of the Reflective Markers (Gabriela Oliveira, Gilmar Lucena, Walter Calheiros, Roberto Lima, Lourdes Brasil, Vera Marães)....Pages 235-240
Human Gait Cycle Analysis Using an Adapted Mechanical Prosthesis (C. R. L. Moraes, E. M. Aragão Junior, R. J. R. S. Lucena, É. L. Cavalcanti, M. A. B. Rodrigues)....Pages 241-248
Hybrid Solution for Motion Capture with Kinect v2 to Different Biotypes Recognition (Thiago Buarque de Gusmão Lafayette, João Marcelo Xavier Natario Teixeira, Alana Elza Fontes Da Gama)....Pages 249-259
Identification of Kinematic Parameters of Stroke Gait Using Accelerometer (Flávia A. Loterio, Vivianne F. Cardoso, Alexandre Pomer-Escher, Teodiano F. Bastos-Filho, Anselmo Frizera-Neto, Sridhar Krishnan)....Pages 261-267
Influence of Knee Abductor Moment on Patellofemoral Joint Stress and Self-reported Pain of Women with Patellofemoral Pain (Marina Waiteman, Bianca Taborda, Ronaldo Briani, Danilo de Oliveira Silva, Amanda Schenatto, Marcella Pazzinatto et al.)....Pages 269-275
Influence of Visual and Proprioceptive Systems in the Postural Balance of Young Adults (Camille Marques Alves, Eder Manoel Santana, Eduardo Lázaro Martins Naves)....Pages 277-282
Instrumentation of Pedals of a Road Bicycle as a Proposal for Analysis of Applied Force (Maurício Hüsken, Alexandre Balbinot)....Pages 283-288
Linearization of an OpenSim Arm Model for Feedback Control Design (Wellington Cássio Pinheiro, Maria Claudia F. de Castro, Luciano L. Menegaldo)....Pages 289-294
Monitoring Gait System to Patients with Parkinson’s Disease (A. V. M. Inocêncio, E. L. Cavalcante, C. C. B. Souza, R. J. R. S. Lucena, D. R. R. Freitas, M. G. Coriolano et al.)....Pages 295-299
Multivariate Analysis of Determining Factors for Athlete Performances in Judo (F. G. Teixeira, P. T. C. R. Rosa, R. G. T. Mello, J. Nadal)....Pages 301-305
Muscle Fatigue and the Importance of Electrical Stimulation Parameters on Functional Electrical Stimulation (Marina Moreira, Antonio Padilha Lanari Bó)....Pages 307-313
Neurorehabilitation Platform Based on EEG, sEMG and Virtual Reality Using Robotic Monocycle (Vivianne F. Cardoso, Alexandre Pomer-Escher, Berthil B. Longo, Flávia A. Loterio, Sara S. G. Nascimento, María Alejandra Romero Laiseca et al.)....Pages 315-321
Numerical Evaluation of Efforts on the Femoral Head in a 3D Model (Rhaíra H. C. Souza, Eduardo L. M. Naves)....Pages 323-326
On the Use of Inertial Sensors for the Assessment of Step and Stride Time Variability in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease: Preliminary Study (Luiza Luiz, Amanda Rabelo, Gabriel Jablonski, Samila Costa, Luciane Souza, Marcus Fraga Vieira et al.)....Pages 327-331
Performance of Contemporary Dancers in Drop Jump Test Assessed by Reactive Strength Index (Ludmila Ferreira dos Anjos, Johelma Galvão, Marcus Fraga Vieira)....Pages 333-336
Polytopic Uncertainties Identification for Electrically Stimulated Lower Limbs (R. G. Teodoro, W. R. B. M. Nunes, M. A. A. Sanches, R. A. de Araujo, M. C. M. Teixeira, A. A. de Carvalho)....Pages 337-342
Quantitative Analysis of Intrinsic Muscle Stiffness in Biceps Brachii of Post-stroke Patients (Silvana Galvão, Denise Xerez, Renato de Lima, Alexandre V. Pino, Liliam Fernandes de Oliveira, Luciano L. Menegaldo)....Pages 343-346
Rate of Head Tilt in Walk and Trot During Equine Therapy with Actimeter (M. Ranciaro, E. L. Santos, M. F. F. Vara, W. A. D. Strasse, E. F. Manffra, G. N. Nogueira Neto et al.)....Pages 347-352
Reliability of Maximal Voluntary Isometric Contraction of Ankle Dorsiflexion in Male Subjects (F. R. Andreis, M. A. Favretto, S. Cossul, P. A. Barbetta, J. L. B. Marques)....Pages 353-357
Serious Games in Neurorehabilitation for People with Intellectual and Cognitive Impairments: A Systematic Study (Felipe Roque Martins, Flávia Gonçalves Fernandes, Eduardo Lázaro Martins Naves)....Pages 359-364
Superficial Characteristics of Acetone Vapor Treated ABS Printed Parts for Use in Upper Limb Prosthesis (Vivian Thais Leite Costa, Chi Nan Pai)....Pages 365-376
Supersonic Shear Imaging 3-D Transducer for Two-Dimensional Evaluation of Patellar Tendon Mechanical Properties (Vinícius Costa Martins, Viviane Bastos de Oliveira, Maria Clara Albuquerque Brandão, Wagner Coelho de Albuquerque Pereira, Liliam Fernandes de Oliveira)....Pages 377-381
Switched Controller Applied to Functional Electrical Stimulation of Lower Limbs Under Fatigue Conditions: A Linear Analysis (W. R. B. M. Nunes, R. G. Teodoro, M. A. A. Sanches, Rafael A. de Araujo, M. C. M. Teixeira, A. A. Carvalho)....Pages 383-390
Towards Indoor Rowing Assisted by Electrical Stimulation for Persons with Paraplegia (L. O. da Fonseca, B. M. Ferreira, M. E. G. Paredes, J. P. Freire, P. Sanches, A. P. L. Bó)....Pages 391-395
Upper Limb Muscle Activation: An EMG Analysis Using Myo® Armband (Gabriela Alves Maia de Souza, Marilú Gomes Netto Monte da Silva, Alana Elza Fontes da Gama)....Pages 397-404
Front Matter ....Pages 405-405
3D-Endoluminal Ultrasound Biomicroscopy of Mouse Colon Tumor and Mimicking Phantom (Rodrigo Pereira de Oliveira, Rossana Colla Solleti, João Carlos Machado)....Pages 407-414
Attentional Bias for Faces in Relation to Severity of Depressive Symptoms: An Eye-Tracking Study (Germano R. Figueiredo, Daniel Campos, Wagner L. Ripka, Leandra Ulbricht)....Pages 415-419
Behavior of Electrical Reactance in Gastrocnemius Muscle of Rats During Contractions of Different Intensities (A. B. B. Coutinho, J. P. Wereneck-de-Castro, A. V. Pino, M. N. Souza)....Pages 421-424
Design of an EEG Acquisition System Based on Front-End ADS1292 (L. M. Luza, F. R. Andreis, A. F. Balotin)....Pages 425-430
Development and Testing of a High Intensity Electrical Stimulator for Isolated Rat Heart Defibrillation (Priscila Correia Antoneli, Pedro Xavier de Oliveira)....Pages 431-437
Development of Equipment for Automatic Diagnosis of the Neuromuscular Condition (Jonathan Bispo, Paulo Eugênio, Joao Durigan, Henrique Martins)....Pages 439-444
Device for Evaluating the Bite Force of Night Bruxism (Renato de Brito Sanchez, Chrystianne de Melo Setter, Jean Corrêa Rodrigues, Jefferson Valladão Oliveira de Mello, José Arnaldo dos Santos Junior, Silvia Cristina Martini Rodrigues et al.)....Pages 445-451
Diagnosis of Respiratory Abnormalities Using Tracheal Sounds Analysis: Instrumentation and Evaluation in Simulated and In Vivo Tests (N. A. Lima Junior, I. M. Queiroz, N. V. Oliveira, A. J. Lopes, P. L. Melo)....Pages 453-458
Dual Channel Wireless Electronic Stethoscope for Lung Sound Acquisition (Willian Mattos, Carlos G. Speranza, Leandro Schwarz, Raimes Moraes)....Pages 459-464
Electric Field Distribution and Electroporation in Discontinuous Regions Using Vegetal Model: In Vitro and In Silico Study (A. B. Heyse, G. B. Pintarelli, D. O. H. Suzuki)....Pages 465-469
Electromyographic Monitoring System for Masticatory Muscles (R. J. R. S. Lucena, A. M. X. Silva, É. L. Cavalcante, A. V. M. Inocêncio, T. V. A. Silva, C. C. S. A. Lins et al.)....Pages 471-477
Evaluation of Cytotoxicity of Nickel-Titanium Electrode for Hepatic Ablation Equipment with Carcinosarcoma Walker 256 Tumor Model (M. S. Monteiro, J. S. S. Casado, R. D. Fonseca, M. L. B. Carneiro, S. S. R. F. Rosa)....Pages 479-482
Insulated System for Capacitive ECG Measurement (G. V. Resende, M. N. Souza)....Pages 483-487
Integrated Optical Guide (Lívia Batista, Saulo Moreira, Marcelo Okamura, Marcelo Santoni, Filipe Bueno, Rani Alves)....Pages 489-493
Low-Cost Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) Applied on Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) (E. A. B. Santos, R. J. R. S. Lucena, E. G. Lima, Lucas T. Lins, M. A. B. Rodrigues)....Pages 495-500
Modeling of a Simple and Efficient Cascaded FPGA-Based Digital Band-Pass FIR Filter for Raw Ultrasound Data (Amauri Amorin Assef, Jonathan de Oliveira, Lucas Scherbaty, Joaquim Miguel Maia, Acácio Zimbico, Breno Mendes Ferreira et al.)....Pages 501-505
Multichannel System for Measuring the Magnetic Flux Density Generated by TMS Devices (Carlos Vinicius Nascimento Barbosa, Elisabeth Costa Monteiro, Carlos Roberto Hall Barbosa, Daniel Ramos Louzada)....Pages 507-511
Parameter Estimate from Accelerometer and Gyroscope for Characterization of Wrist Tremor in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease (Ana Paula Sousa Paixão, Luciano Brinck Peres, Adriano O Andrade)....Pages 513-517
Passive Acoustic Localization Based on Time of Arrival Trilateration (Karin Cristine Grande, Nicole Becker Schneider, Gilson Yukio Sato, Bertoldo Schneider Jr.)....Pages 519-524
Platform for Automated Acquisition of Ultrasonic Signals in Acoustic Tank for Tissue Characterization (Felipe Araujo Hollanda, Rodrigo Pereira de Oliveira, Flavia Fernandes Ferreira da Silva, Marco Antonio von Krüger, Wagner Coelho de Albuquerque Pereira)....Pages 525-529
Pulse Transit Time Measurement Using Bioimpedance (Andrei L. A. Pires, Marcio N. Souza)....Pages 531-535
Quantification of the Finger Tapping Test Based on the Flex Sensor—A Single Case Study (Gabriel Jablonski, Luiza Maire David Luiz, Amanda Gomes Rabelo, Adriano O. Andrade)....Pages 537-542
Safety Device Against Overcurrent and Overheating in Radiofrequency Hepatic Ablation Equipment (Lívia Sant’ Anna Alves, Gilvandson Costa Cavalcante, Suélia Rodrigues Siqueira Fleury Rosa, Gabriel Augusto Silva)....Pages 543-548
Simultaneous Myoelectric Pattern Recognition Using BioPatRec Platform for Hand Prosthesis (Luiz José Lucas Barbosa, Paulo Roberto Fernandes de Oliveira, Philippe Dias Araujo, Adson Ferreira da Rocha, Denis Delisle-Rodriguez, John Jairo Villarejo Mayor et al.)....Pages 549-553
Stimulation of Carotid Baroreceptors in Humans: A Technique for the Evaluation of Reflex Control of Blood Pressure (Alessandro Pinheiro, Lauro C. Vianna, Sandoval Menezes, Jake do Carmo)....Pages 555-558
The Interrelationship Between Industry/Medical/Patient in the Analysis of Failures in Orthopaedic Implants (Bruna Luciana Silverio, Christiane Ribeiro)....Pages 559-563
Ultrasound Transducer for Deep Quantitative Elastography (José Hilton Nascimento, Julio Cesar Adamowski, Chi-Nan Pai)....Pages 565-570
Virtual Reality Game Development Using Accelerometers for Post-stroke Rehabilitation (Gustavo R. P. Esteves, Bruno A. M. Miranda, André F. P. Aleixo, Malki-çedheq B. C. Silva, Marco A. B. Rodrigues)....Pages 571-575
Wearable Device for Acquisition of SpO2 and Heart Rate (André F. P. Aleixo, Euller G. Lima, Érico C. Leite, Ana V. M. Inocêncio, Lucas T. Lins, Marco A. B. Rodrigues)....Pages 577-582
Front Matter ....Pages 583-583
A Multi-Kinect System for Serious Game Development Using ROS and Unity (Mariana Lyra Silveira, Thiago Loureiro Carvalho, Anselmo Frizera Neto, Teodiano Bastos Filho)....Pages 585-591
A Novel Digital Speller Based on a Hybrid Brain Computer Interface (hBCI) SSVEP with Eye Tracking (Raphael Rebello Haddad, Teodiano F. Bastos-Filho, Richard J. M. G. Tello)....Pages 593-601
Adapted Computer Mouse for Cerebral Palsy Users (Antônio A. F. Quevedo, Thiago Bruschi Martins)....Pages 603-607
Design and Development of Hardware and Software to Command a Motorized Exercise Static Bike (M. A. Romero-Laiseca, L. S. Morelato, K. A. Hernandez-Ossa, A. Frizera, T. F. Bastos-Filho)....Pages 609-617
Development of a Toolkit for Online Analysis of Facial Emotion (Hamilton Rivera, Carlos Valadão, Eliete Caldeira, Sridhar Krishnan, Teodiano Freire Bastos-Filho)....Pages 619-625
Development of Game-Based System for Improvement of the Left-Right Recognition Ability in Children with Down Syndrome (Thalyssa Rodrigues, Nicolás Valencia, Dayse Santos, Anselmo Frizera, Teodiano Bastos)....Pages 627-634
Ergonomic Evaluation of an Active Wrist Orthosis for the Treatment of Muscular Rigidity in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease (Samila Costa, Julien Bourget, Gabriel Jablonski, Luiza Maire, Amanda Rabelo, Michael I. Okereke et al.)....Pages 635-640
Fall Detection Using Accelerometer on the User’s Wrist and Artificial Neural Networks (Javier Alexis Urresty Sanchez, Daniel M. Muñoz)....Pages 641-647
Fuzzy Neonatal Death Risk Assessment Based on the Determinants of Birth Weight and Gestational Age (C. M. D. Xesquevixos, E. Araujo)....Pages 649-654
Identification and Compression Ratios of Standards for Recording Time-Series Resulting from Biomedical Signals (João Paulo Folador, Adriano O. Andrade)....Pages 655-659
Investigating Dynamic Grip Force Control During Object Manipulation to Design Improved Control Schemes of Prosthetic Hands (Ana Carolina Torres Cresto, Andrei Nakagawa Silva, Alcimar Barbosa Soares)....Pages 661-666
Knowledge Acquisition of Expert for Structuring Healthcare Data and Information (Douglas Rocha, Henderson Sanches, Janice Lamas, Liana Matheus, Lourdes Brasil)....Pages 667-674
Logistic Regression Classifiers in the Analysis of HIV-1 Use of CCR5 and CXCR4 Coreceptors (Cesar Barros, Letícia Raposo, Flavio Nobre)....Pages 675-678
Performance of Two Types of Motors in Robotic Hands Made by Additive Manufacturing (Ana Beatriz Simões Fontana, Mariana Sêda Cunha, Roberto Luiz Assad Pinheiro, Elisa Rennó Carneiro Déster, Rani de Souza Alves)....Pages 679-687
Recognition of Navigation Commands for a Smart Walker Through Force Sensors (Mario F. Jiménez, Anselmo Frizera, Teodiano Bastos)....Pages 689-694
Remote Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity—A Reliable and Inexpensive Device Development Applied in Neonatal Incubators (Severino Peixoto Nunes Netto, Pablo Filipe Santana Chacon, Amauri Marcos C. de Morais Junior, Clara Luísa Bezerra de Rubim Costa, Fabrício Lima Brasil)....Pages 695-699
Serious Game Based on Myo Armband for Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Exercises (Berthil Borges Longo, Mariana Midori Sime, Teodiano Bastos-Filho)....Pages 701-704
Simulation of Human Hands Movements Using Forward Kinematics (Ingrid Miranda de Sousa, Joel Lucas de Jesus Trindade, Gerardo Antônio Idrobo Pizo)....Pages 705-710
Social Robot for Interaction with Children (Christiane Goulart, Carlos Valadão, Vinícius Binotte, Alvaro Favaratto, Douglas Funayama, Eliete Caldeira et al.)....Pages 711-715
Structural Analysis with Finite Element Method of a Child Electric Wheelchair Built with PVC and Arduino (Filipe Loyola Lopes, Henrique Alves de Amorim, Maria Elizete Kunkel)....Pages 717-721
Upper Limb Prosthesis for Patients with Congenital or Acquired Deformity (Ricardo Taoni Xavier, Aparecido Augusto de Carvalho, Eric Rohmer, Fabian Castro, Fabio Agostinho Boris, José Paulo Codinhoto et al.)....Pages 723-728
Virtual Reality Simulator for Electric Powered Wheelchairs Using a Joystick (K. A. Hernandez-Ossa, E. H. Montenegro-Couto, B. Longo, A. Frizera-Neto, T. Bastos-Filho)....Pages 729-736
Virtual Reality Simulator for Laparoscopic Procedures Performed with a Robotic Endoscope Holder (Fernanda Amaral Melo, Mariana C. Bernardes)....Pages 737-742
Virtual Surgical Planning: Patient-Specific Imaging Segmentation (F. W. Grillo, C. Rondinoni, A. C. S. S. Filho, F. H. Simozo, J. A. Farina Jr., T. Z. Pavan et al.)....Pages 743-746
Front Matter ....Pages 747-747
A Descriptive Comparative Observational Study About the Quality and Preservation at the Hospital Furniture (Lígia Reis Nóbrega, Selma Terezinha Milagre, Adriano Alves Pereira)....Pages 749-754
Analysis of the Resolution in Basic Health Units in the City of Curitiba Using Data Mining (W. H. Santos, G. Y. Sato)....Pages 755-760
Computer Simulation as a Tool in the Definition of Computed Tomography Acquisition Characteristics (Rogerio Santos, Andrei Pires, Wagner Pereira, Renan Almeida)....Pages 761-765
Distribution of Mammographs by Minas Gerais Macroregions of Health (Sarah Mansur Resende de Miranda, Ana Claudia Patrocinio, Hendrill Humberto da Silveira Urzêdo)....Pages 767-771
Health Information Systems Applied to Maternity Hospitals: A Systematic Review (Gustavo R. da Costa, Adriana M. W. Stadnik, Rita C. G. Berardi, Rodrigo G. M. de Souza)....Pages 773-777
Incorporation of a DIRECT ACTING ANTIVIRAL Treatment for HEPATITIS C in the Brazilian Public Health System (Mayra Braga Lemos, Milene Rangel da Costa, Rosimary Terezinha de Almeida)....Pages 779-782
Infusion Pump Training: from Course to Evaluation (Alice de Suassuna, Emanuel Vieira Mendes, Cayo Eduardo Leal de Menezes, Beatriz Stransky)....Pages 783-788
Occupancy Rate of Hospital Beds in Maternity of High-Risk (Gustavo R. da Costa, Adriana M. W. Stadnik, Frieda S. Barros, Marcelo Maldaner)....Pages 789-793
Sepsis Patient Outcome Prediction Using Machine Learning (José Lucas de Alencar Saraiva, Marcus Henrique Victor Júnior, Otávio Monteiro Becker Júnior, Visakan Kadirkamanathan, Eliezer Silva, Karl Heinz Kienitz)....Pages 795-799
The Impact of Health Technology Management for the National Policy on Technological Innovation in Health – PNITS (F. S. Toscas, V. G. B. Júnior, T. R. Santos, M. A. C. Nascimento)....Pages 801-804
Front Matter ....Pages 805-805
Attenuation Coefficient Variation as a Function of Temperature in a Cortical Bone Phantom (Rebeca M. Souza, R. P. B. Costa-Felix, André V. Alvarenga)....Pages 807-810
Calibration of Defibrillator Analyzer by Voltage Square Method (Fabrício Gonçalves Torres, Felipe Santiago Apolinário, Regis Renato Dias, Tiago Lopes Santos)....Pages 811-815
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Evaluating the Reliability and Validity of a Questionnaire Used to Collect Data About the Periodic Evaluation of Ultrasound Therapy Equipment (Jessyca Gomes da Silva, André Victor Alvarenga, R. P. B. Costa-Felix)....Pages 825-828
International Overview of Eye Tracking Technologies Using Patent Bases (Alexandre Bissoli, Cesar Moreira Jr., Lucas Encarnação, Teodiano Bastos-Filho)....Pages 829-835
Reduction of Pseudomonas Inoculated into Whole Milk and Skin Milk by Ozonation (M. C. Munhõs, R. S. Navarro, S. C. Nunez, D. I. Kozusny-Andreani, A. Baptista)....Pages 837-840
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Uncertainty Model of the Temperature Rise Measurements in the Applied Part of Ultrasound Physiotherapy Equipment (Raquel Souza, R. P. B. Costa-Felix, André Victor Alvarenga)....Pages 859-864
Back Matter ....Pages 865-869

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