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Ultimate Survival Guide: 15-Books-Mega Bundle That Will Get You Safe From Any Dangerous Situation by Library, Prepper's 2017

Ultimate Survival Guide: 15-Books-Mega Bundle That Will Get You Safe From Any Dangerous Situation

Details Of The Book

Ultimate Survival Guide: 15-Books-Mega Bundle That Will Get You Safe From Any Dangerous Situation

Category: survival
ISBN : 1548675601, 9781548675608 
publish year: 2017 
pages: 0 
language: English 
ebook format : EPUB (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 12 MB 

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price : $11.76 14 With 16% OFF

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You can Download Ultimate Survival Guide: 15-Books-Mega Bundle That Will Get You Safe From Any Dangerous Situation Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents


Book 1

Surviving With Condom:

20 Situations (Except Sex) Where Condom Can Save You 


Chapter 1 – 5 Uses to Assist With Warmth, Food and Drink!

1.Water Container

2.Lighting Your Fire

3.Secure Your Shelter

4.Capture Food

5.Your Hat

Chapter 2 – 5 Safety Benefits of Condoms

1.First Aid


3.Dry Feet


5.Protect Your Weapon!

Chapter 3 – 10 Additional Interesting and Essential Uses for Condoms

1.The Flare

2.The Tourniquet



5.Swimming Cap

6.Wading Through Water

7.The Snare Trap

8.Food Preservation

9.Paper Cup Catapult




Book 2

Survival Navigation:

How To Exit From The Wilderness Without Gadgets Or Map On Hand


Chapter 1 – Allowing Nature to Guide You

Chapter 2 – Tips to Make Sure you Keep Moving in the Right Direction



Book 3

Survival for Children

15 Dangerous Situations Little Preppers Should Know How to Handle


Chapter 1: Staying Safe When Home Alone

5 Tips for Dangerous Indoor Situations

1.Incidences of Fire

2.What to do if a stranger knocks

3.When it starts flooding

4.When you sense gas smelling

5.When you feel bad

Chapter 2: Ways For A Kid To Remain Safe Outdoors

How to Survive 5 Dangerous Outdoors Situations

1.In case of getting lost

2.If a stranger asks the child to join him/her

3.If a stranger begins to chat with you

4.If a stranger tries to grab you

5.If your phone battery dies

Chapter 3: Ways to Survive Dangerous School Situations

3 Dangerous School Situations a Child can handle

1.In case of bullying at school

2.In case of a teacher who scolds the kid unfairly

3.In case of cafeteria food poisoning

Chapter 4: How To Survive When There Is An Attack

2 Dangerous Situations Requiring Bugging Out

Important Items to Put In Your Child’s Bug-Out-Bag

Teach The Kids The Rule Of 3

Practice with Kid to Survive Outside Their Comfort Zone



Book 4

Survival Medicine:

Medicine Handbook You Need In Your First-Aid Kit That Will Save Your Life


Chapter 1 – Five items to put in your medical kit today

Basic items


Emergency items

1. Books

2. Kitchen Staples

3. Honey

4. Medicinal Herbs

5. Essential Oils

Chapter 2 – Top two medicines to be included in the medical kit

Top survival medicines to stock in medical kit

Chapter 3 – Natural medicines in the medical aid



Book 5

Foil Packet Food:

Best Way To Cook On Fire: 30 Delicious Camping Recipes


Chapter 1 – 10 Simple Foil Packet Meals

1.Chicken & Vegetables

2.Ham & Sweet Potato

3.Hot Dogs!



6.Sausage and Eggs!

7.Chicken Casserole

8.Fresh Fish

9.Pork Chops & Apricot

10.Macaroni Cheese!

Chapter 2 – 10 Delicious Desserts to Tempt Any Palate

1.Upside Down Cake

2.Orange Muffins

3.Apple Crisp

4.The Banana Boat

5.Smores Striped with Fudge

6.Cinnamon Apples

7.The Campfire Cone

8.Chocolate Brownie

9.French Toast


Chapter 3 – 10 Additional Foil Packet Recipes

1.Shrimp Surprise

2.Coconut Fish

3.Potato & Carrot Pie

4.Sweet Potato Tacos

5.Corn on the Cob – Mexican Style

6.Salmon & Asparagus

7.Jacket Potatoes!

8.Chicken & Cheddar

9.Honey Bacon & Potato

10.Cheese Chips



Book 6

Homemade Survival Weapons:

10 Badass DIY Weapons That Will Save Your Life When SHTF


Chapter 1 – 5 Basic but Lethal Survival Weapons

1.Pepper Spray

2.The Slingshot

3.The Club

4.The homemade Knife

5.The Whip

Chapter 2 – 5 More Advanced and Dangerous Homemade Weapons

6.Bow & Arrow


8.The Flamethrower

9.The Stun Grenade

10.Homemade Gun



Book 7

Surviving In The Water:

Navy\'s Course On How To Survive More Than Two Weeks Drifting In The Open Water


Chapter 1 – Surviving the Plunge

Sinking boat

The Downed Plane

Being Dunked

Chapter 2 – Food and Water

Chapter 3 – Survival Essentials



Book 8

Wild Survival

Learn How to Escape Attack of a Dangerous Wild Animal When No One Around


Chapter 1 – Tips to Survive Attack of Lion and Tiger

Chapter 2 – Tips to Survive a Bear Attack

Chapter 3 – How to Escape an Attack of Wolf?

Chapter 4 – How to Escape an Attack of Gorilla and Monkeys?

Chapter 5 – Tips to Survive an Attack of Poisonous Snakes



Book 9

Survival Communication:

20 Ways to Ensure Communcation with Your Family During a Cataclysm


Chapter 1 – Things to Do First

Chapter 2 – Traditional and Non-Traditional Phones

Chapter 3 – Use Technology

Chapter 4 – Various Kinds of Radios

Chapter 5 – Out of the Box Ideas



Book 10

Poisonous Mushrooms You Shouldn\'t Be Tricked With


Chapter 1 – Tips to Identify Poisonous Mushrooms

Chapter 2 – Poisonous Mushrooms in Jungles

1.Fly Agaric-Amanita muscaria:

2.Angel Wing-Pleurocybella porrigens:

3.Deadly Dapperling- Lepiota sp.:

4.Podostroma Cornu-damae:

5.Conocybe Filaris:

6.Autumn Skullcap- Galerina marginata:

7.False Morel-Gyromitra esculenta:

8.The Destroying Angels:

9.Death Cap-Amanita phalloides:

Chapter 3 – Poisonous Mushrooms in Wilderness

10.False Champignon:

11.Ivory Funnel:

12.Sulfur Tuft:


14.Wooly Milk:

15.Sulfur Knight-Tricholoma sulphureum:

16.Spotted tricholoma-Tricholoma pardinum:

17.Yellow knight-Tricholoma equestre:

18.The Sickener- Russula emetica:

19.Ramaria formosa:

Chapter 4 – Poisonous Mushrooms in Common Lawns and Gardens

20.Poison pax-Paxillus involutus:

21.Panther cap- Amanita pantherina:

22.False morels- Gyromitra esculenta:

23.Fool\'s funnel- Clitocybe rivulosa:

24.Devil\'s bolete- Boletus satanas:

25.Yellow stainer- Agaricus xanthodermus:

26.Jack o\' light- Omphalotus olearius:

27.Jeweled Death Cap- Amanita Gemmata:

28.Elf\'s saddle- Helvella Lacunosa:

29.Autumn Galerina- Galerina Marginata:

30.Satan’s bolete- Rubroboletus satanas:

Chapter 5 – Identify Poisonous Mushrooms According to Season



Book 11

Situational Survival For Women

10 Dangerous Situations That Can Await Every Woman And Proven Methodic To Come Out Of Them As A Winner


Chapter 1 – How to deal with Sexual Harassment?

Chapter 2 – Tips to handle natural disasters

Chapter 3 – How to Manage Situational Accidents

Chapter 4 – Food Choking and Cramps While Swimming

Chapter 5 – Tips to Deal Crossfire and Elevator Trap



Book 12

Wise Prepping

Important Things Every Beginner Prepper Needs And List Of Mistakes To Avoid


Chapter 1: Why Prepping is Important

Chapter 2: Prepping Actions To Take in Normal  Times

Tips For Long-Term Disaster Preparedness

Chapter 3: Preparing Your Bug Out Bag

How To Determine What To Include In Your Bug Out Bag

Chapter 4: Specific Items To Pack In Your Bug-Out-Bag

Chapter 5 – Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make



Book 13

Navigation For Dummies:

30-Minute Guide On Map Reading, GPS, Compass Use And Advanced Navigation Methods In The Wilderness


Chapter 1 – Map Reading and Using a compass

Orientating the Map

Choosing a Direction

Using a Compass

Getting the Direction Right

Being accurate

Chapter 2 – Advanced Navigation Methods

Tip 1 – Water

Tip 2 – The Sun

Tip 3 – The Moon

Tip 4 – The Stars

Tip 5 – The Wind

Tip 6 – Flora and Fauna

Tip 7 – Make a Compass

Tip 8 – Elevation

Tip 9 – Paths



Book 14


Disappear Without Trace, Find Food, Build Shelter, Filter Water And Start A Fire In The Deepest Wilderness


Chapter 1 – Finding Food & Water







Chapter 2 – Shelter

Chapter 3 – The Fire and other Essential Survival Tips

Flint and Steel


The Drill

Essential Tip 1 - North

Essential Tip 2 – Natural resources

Essential Tip 3 – Defenses

Essential Tip 4 - Signaling



Book 15

Winter Survival

How To Stay Warm, Dry And Alive In Freezing Wilderness


Chapter 1 – Shelter First!

The Snow Shelter

The Brush Shelter

Chapter 2 – Tips and Tricks for Keeping Dry

Keeping Warm & Dry

Chapter 3 – Staying Alive







Comments Of The Book