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The Ocean Surface: Wave Breaking, Turbulent Mixing and Radio Probing by M. S. Longuet-Higgins (auth.), Yoshiaki Toba, Hisashi Mitsuyasu (eds.) 1985

The Ocean Surface: Wave Breaking, Turbulent Mixing and Radio Probing

Details Of The Book

The Ocean Surface: Wave Breaking, Turbulent Mixing and Radio Probing

edition: 1 
Authors: , ,   
ISBN : 9789048184156, 9789401577175 
publisher: Springer Netherlands 
publish year: 1985 
pages: 581 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 28 MB 

Related keywords of The Ocean Surface: Wave Breaking, Turbulent Mixing and Radio Probing book : Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences

price : $16.4 20 With 18% OFF

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You can Download The Ocean Surface: Wave Breaking, Turbulent Mixing and Radio Probing Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter....Pages i-xiii
A New Way to Calculate Steep Gravity Waves....Pages 1-15
Nonlinear Water Wave Theory Via Pressure Formulation....Pages 17-24
Particle Trajectories in Nonlinear Capillary Waves....Pages 25-30
Wave Breaking and Nonlinear Instability Coupling....Pages 31-38
Stability of a Random Inhomogeneous Field of Weakly Nonlinear Surface Gravity Waves with Application to the JONSWAP Study....Pages 39-49
Initial Instability and Long-Time Evolution of Stokes Waves....Pages 51-57
On Non-Linear Water Wave Groups and the Induced Mean Flow....Pages 59-64
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Nonlinear Deformation of Ocean Waves on 2-D and 3-D Sandbars....Pages 65-70
On the Growth of Gravity-Capillary Waves by Wind....Pages 71-75
Nonlinear Waves in a Developing Process....Pages 77-86
The Effect of Short Waves on the Transfer of Wind Momentum to Long Water Waves....Pages 87-94
Measurements of Atmospheric Pressure over Surface Gravity Waves during KonTur....Pages 95-97
Atmospheric Stability Effects on the Growth of Surface Gravity Waves....Pages 99-104
New Aspects of the Turbulent Boundary Layer over Wind Waves....Pages 105-110
Spectral Characteristics of Breaking Waves....Pages 111-123
The Fully Developed Wind-Sea Spectrum as a Solution of the Energy Balance Equation....Pages 125-128
The Kinematics of Short Wave Modulation by Long Waves....Pages 129-134
The Effect of Surface Contamination on the Drift Velocity of Water Waves....Pages 135-143
Mathematical Modeling of Breaking Wave Statistics....Pages 145-150
Numerical Modeling of Current-Wave Interaction....Pages 151-159
Measurement and Analysis of Surface Waves in A Strong Current....Pages 161-169
In Search of Universal Parametric Correlations for Wind Waves....Pages 171-178
Sea-State Cycles....Pages 179-184
On the Effect of Bottom Friction on Wind Sea....Pages 185-192
A Parametric Wind Wave Model for Arbitrary Water Depths....Pages 193-199
Shallow Water Intercomparison of Wave Models — Part I Three Different Concepts to Model Surface Waves in Finite Water Depth....Pages 201-205
Shallow Water Intercomparison of Wave Models — Part II Results of Three Different Wave Models for Idealized Wind and Depth Situations....Pages 207-214
Shallow Water Intercomparison of Wave Models — Part III....Pages 215-220
A Coupled Discrete Wave Model MRI-II....Pages 221-226
The TOHOKU-II Wave Model....Pages 227-232
Microwave Sensing of the Ocean Surface....Pages 233-244
On the Hydrodynamics of Small-Scale Breaking Waves and Their Microwave Reflectivity Properties....Pages 245-248
The Nature of Microwave Backscattering from Water Waves....Pages 249-256
The Wave Field Dynamics Inferred from HF Radar Sea-Echo....Pages 257-262
Doppler Spectra of Microwave Radar Echo Returned from Calm and Rough Sea Surfaces....Pages 263-268
Measurements of Directional Sea Wave Spectra Using a Two-Frequency Microwave Scatterometer....Pages 269-274
Measurements of Ocean Wave Spectra and Modulation Transfer Function with the Airborne Two Frequency Scatterometer....Pages 275-282
An Algorithm of Microwave Backscattering from a Perturbed Sea Surface....Pages 283-288
The Dependence of the Microwave Radar Cross Section on the Air-Sea Interaction and the Wave Slope....Pages 289-296
Preliminary Results of Dual Polarized Radar Sea Scatter....Pages 297-302
SLAR and In-Situ Observations of Wave-Current Interaction on the Columbia River Bar....Pages 303-310
On the Effects of Ocean Surface Roughness on Emissivity and Reflectivity of Microwave Radiation....Pages 311-318
Experimental Results of Sea-Surface Scattering by Airborne Microwave Scatterometer/Radiometer....Pages 319-327
Radio Probing of Ocean Surface by Observing Multipath Fading Signal....Pages 329-334
Effect of Wave-Current Interaction on the Determination of Volume Scattering Function of Microwave at Sea Surface....Pages 335-344
Surface Ocean Circulation and Variability Determined from Satellite Altimetry....Pages 345-350
Application of the Seasat Altimeter Data for Estimations of Sea Surface Height and Ocean Tide in the Northwest Pacific Ocean....Pages 351-356
MIROS — A Microwave Remote Sensor for the Ocean Surface....Pages 357-360
The Design of Spaceborne Microwave Scatterometer....Pages 361-368
On-Board Processing of Microwave Altimeter....Pages 369-377
Simulation of Wind-Vector Estimation — Design Evaluation of Microwave Scatterometer -....Pages 379-387
Wind Waves and Wind-Generated Turbulence in the Water....Pages 389-394
The Vertical Structure of Turbulence Beneath Gently Breaking Wind Waves....Pages 395-400
Wind-Induced Water Turbulence....Pages 401-406
The Structure of the Boundary Layer under Wind Waves....Pages 407-412
Wave Breaking, Turbulence and Mixing....Pages 413-418
Experimental Study on Turbulence Structures under Spilling Breakers....Pages 419-424
Experimental Study on Wind Driven Current in a Wind-Wave Tank....Pages 425-430
Observed Statistics of Breaking Ocean Waves....Pages 431-436
Turbulence Below Wind Waves....Pages 437-442
Reynolds Stresses....Pages 443-448
Effects of the Rotation on the Entrainment by Grid-Generated Turbulence in Stratified Fluids....Pages 449-456
Dynamics of Langmuir Circulations in a Stratified Ocean....Pages 457-464
The Interaction of Crossed Waves and Wind-Induced Currents in a Laboratory Tank....Pages 465-470
Numerical Modelling of Langmuir Circulation and Its Application....Pages 471-477
Some Dynamic Features of Langmuir Circulation....Pages 479-486
Mixed Layer and Ekman Current Response to Solar Heating....Pages 487-507
An Oceanic Mixed Layer Model Suitable for Climatological Studies Results over Several Years of Simulation....Pages 509-516
Response of the Upper Ocean to Atmospheric Forcing....Pages 517-524
Estimation of Solar Radiation at Sea....Pages 525-533
Critical Examination of Various Estimation Methods of Long-Term Mean Air-Sea Heat and Momentum Transfer....Pages 535-540
Mixed-Layer Growth in Stratified Fluids....Pages 541-546
The Use and Testing of a Model for Upper Ocean Dynamics....Pages 547-552
Vertical Mixing on the Bering Sea Shelf....Pages 553-557
Surface Mixed Layer Observation Using a Meteo-Oceanographic Spar Buoy, XTGP and SEMVP System....Pages 559-564
Detailed Structure of the Surface Layer in the Frontal Zone between the Kuroshio and Oyashio Water....Pages 565-570
Horizontal Processes Involved in the Formation of Sea Surface Temperature Near a Western Boundary Current....Pages 571-576
Back Matter....Pages 577-586

First 10 Pages Of the book

Comments Of The Book