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The Corporates Strike Back: How Large Companies Win the Innovation Race Against Disruptive Start-ups by Lucas Sauberschwarz, Lysander Weiss 2022

The Corporates Strike Back: How Large Companies Win the Innovation Race Against Disruptive Start-ups

Details Of The Book

The Corporates Strike Back: How Large Companies Win the Innovation Race Against Disruptive Start-ups

ISBN : 3030791130, 9783030791131 
publisher: Springer 
publish year: 2022 
pages: 212
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 4 Mb 

price : $13.12 16 With 18% OFF

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You can Download The Corporates Strike Back: How Large Companies Win the Innovation Race Against Disruptive Start-ups Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

That’s a really great idea, but...
Guest Commentaries and Case studies
About the Authors
1: Innovate or Die: Efficient Innovation Instead of Inefficient Start-Up Thinking
	1.1	 Corporates Yesterday: From Patent Factories to the Innovation Dilemma
		Guest Commentary: Uwe Wagner, Chief Technology Officer, Schaeffler
	1.2	 Corporates Today: Inefficient Start-Up Thinking in Separate Innovation Units
		Guest Commentary: Britta Gayko, Managing Partner Commerz Business Consulting, Commerzbank
	1.3	 Corporates Tomorrow: Efficient Innovation with Customer Fit and Traction
		Guest Commentary: Michael Weppler, Executive Vice President of Systems at German Certification Body TÜV Rheinland
	1.4	 Efficient Innovation: From Theory to Practice
2: Efficient Innovation with the 5C Process
	2.1	 Configuration: Do Not Think Freely
		2.1.1	 The Destination is the Journey
			Excursus: Overview of Possible Innovation Spaces
				Human Resources and Culture
				Customer Experience
				Products and Services
				Customer Service
				Monetisation Models
				Sales and Channels
				Brands and Marketing
		Guest Commentary: Nicolas Biagosch, Managing Director, Digitalhafen, former CEO, Simyo, former Executive Board member, E-Plus
		Guest Commentary: Olivier Krüger, Chief Executive Officer, Lufthansa Systems
		2.1.2	 Better a Step in the Right Direction Than a Leap Into the Unknown
			Guest Commentary: Luke Mansfield, Vice President Innovation, PepsiCo Beverages
			Case Study: Estée Lauder Companies
				Development of a 3-Year Growth Strategy for the Lab Series Brand
		2.1.3	 No Risk, More Fun
			Case Study: Telekom Innovation Laboratories
				Increase in Customer Satisfaction with Connectivity Solutions
	2.2	 Customisation: No Problem Means No Solution Either
		2.2.1	 If You Know Where You Are Going, You’ll Get There
			Excursus: Overview of Selected Market Research Methods
				Focus Groups
				Online Tracking
				Lead Users
		2.2.2	 If You Don’t Ask, You Won’t Get
		2.2.3	 The Customer Is Not Always King
	Case Study: A Container Shipping Company
		Differentiation Strategy for Selling Maritime Services to Third Parties
	2.3	 Compilation: If You Want to Reap, You Must First Sow
		2.3.1	 Seek and You Will Find
				Blue Ocean Strategy
		2.3.2	 Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal
			Guest Commentary: Nicolai Andersen, EMEA Lead Innovation and Head of Deloitte Garage, Deloitte
		2.3.3	 Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Cannot Do Today
	Guest Commentary: Dr. Klaus Suwelack, Senior Manager New Business Development and Innovation Management, Janssen Deutschland, Johnson & Johnson
	Case Study: Hermes Arzneimittel
		Development of Innovative Offers for the Target Group ‘New Senior Citizens’
	2.4	 Construction: Think Inside the Box
		2.4.1	 Ideas Are Not Random
		Excursus: Overview of Selected Creativity Methods
			Six Thinking Hats
			Business Model Navigator
		2.4.2	 No Pain, No Gain
			Guest Commentary: Reyk Radojewski, Chief Financial Officer, Beiersdorf South East Asia
		2.4.3	 Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch
	Case Study: FTI Group
		New Digital Business Models to Increase Package Tour Revenues
	2.5	 Conversion: Where There Is a Way, There Is Also a Will
		2.5.1	 Everyone On Board
			Guest Commentary: Till Bauer, Head of Strategic Projects and Commercial Innovation, MSD Sharp & Dohme (Subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc.)
		2.5.2	 The Fast Bird Catches the Worm
		2.5.3	 All Endings Are Easy
	Case Study: Hymer
		Product Innovation in the Camper Van Segment
3: The Innovation Machine: Efficient Innovation in Corporations
	3.1	 Organisational Anchoring of Efficient Innovation
		Guest Commentary: Klaus Burmeister, Founder and Managing Director, Z_punkt The Foresight Company, Foresightlab and Initiative D2030 (Germany 2030)
		Guest Commentary: Jörg Limberg, Vice President Europe Research Solutions Sales and Marketing, Elsevier, Former Vice President and General Manager Software and Solutions, Hewlett Packard
		Guest Commentary: Timo Emmert, Head of e-Commerce, MediaMarktSaturn
		Guest Commentary: Dr. Hans-Joachim Popp, Chief Information Officer, Dt. Luft- und Raumfahrt (German Aerospace Centre)
	3.2	 Characteristics of an Efficient Innovation Unit
		Guest Commentary: Dave Birss, Author of “A User Guide to the Creative Mind“ and Chief Thinker, RIGHT thinking
	3.3	 Implementing Efficient Innovation in Corporations
		3.3.1	 From Incremental Innovation to Efficient Innovation
		Guest Commentary: Björn Sprotte, Chief Executive Officer, OSM Maritime Group
		3.3.2	 From Strategic Innovation to Efficient Innovation
			Guest Commentary: Thomas Weiler, Vice President Innovation Portfolio and Strategic Programs, Deutsche Telekom
		3.3.3	 From Customer-Centric Innovation to Efficient Innovation
			Guest Commentary: Stefan Heidrich, General Manager, Maybelline New York/Essie, L’Oréal
		3.3.4	 Efficient Innovation in Separate Innovation Units
			Guest Commentary: Carsten Stöcker, Senior Manager Blockchain and Machine Economy Lighthouse, innogy Innovation Hub, innogy
			Guest Commentary: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Dominik Kanbach, Junior Professor in Strategic Entrepreneurship, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
		Further Bibliography for Excurses
4: The End Is Not Nigh
	Further Bibliography for Excurses

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