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Take Control of Automating Your Mac, by Joe Kissell 2022

Take Control of Automating Your Mac,

Details Of The Book

Take Control of Automating Your Mac,

edition: 4 
publisher: alt concepts 
publish year: 2022 
pages: 259 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 5 MB 

price : $15.6 20 With 22% OFF

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You can Download Take Control of Automating Your Mac, Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Read Me First
Automation Quick Start
The State of Mac Automation
	Learn the Basic Principle of Automation
	Learn What You Can Automate
	Look for Automation Opportunities
	Pick the Right Tools
Use Built-In Automation Features
	Make Your Own Keyboard Shortcut
	Use and Customize Toolbars
	Use macOS Text Substitutions and Transformations
	Control Your Mac with Your Voice
	Update Apple and Mac App Store Software Automatically
	Update Non-Mac App Store Software Automatically
	Work with Rule-Based Searches
	Create and Use Smart Containers
Automate Your Input Devices
	Use Trackpad and Magic Mouse Gestures
	Use BetterTouchTool
	Customize Your Touch Bar
	Save Clicks with Third-Party Input Devices
	Program an Input Device with USB Overdrive
	Control Anything with a Stream Deck
	Learn About Other Special Input Devices
Automate Text Expansion
	Use Text Replacement in macOS
	Use a Third-Party Text Expansion Utility
Automate the Finder
	Use Spotlight as a Launcher
	Use a Third-Party Launcher
	Organize Files with Hazel
Supercharge Your Clipboard
	Learn What a Clipboard Utility Can Do
	Use a Macro or Launcher Utility
	Use a macOS Clipboard Utility
Automate Individual Apps
	Automate Microsoft Office
	Automate Nisus Writer Pro
	Discover Other Internally Scriptable Apps
Automate Email
	Use Server-Based Rules
	Automate Apple Mail
	Automate Outlook Email with Rules
	Automate Other Email Apps
Automate the Web
	Log In Faster with iCloud Keychain and Safari Autofill
	Automate Web Logins with a Password Manager
	Automate Cloud Services
	Discover Other Web Automation Options
Automate Backup and Syncing
	Run Backups Automatically with Time Machine
	Create Hands-Off Versioned Backups
	Automate Mac-to-Mac Syncing
Discover macOS Automation Technologies
	Using JavaScript for Automation
	Using Swift for Automation
Use Services for System-Wide Shortcuts
	Configure Services
	Find and Use Services
Get Started with Shortcuts
	Explore Shortcuts
	Run a Shortcut
	Import Automator Workflows
	Customize a Shortcut
	Create a Shortcut
	Share a Shortcut
Get Started with Automator
	Create a Simple Automator Workflow
	Create an Automator Droplet
	Create Your Own Service
	Find and Run Sample Workflows
	Learn More about Automator
Get Started with AppleScript
	Write a Simple AppleScript
	Learn What AppleScript Can Do
	Understand AppleScript Basics
	Find and Run Example AppleScripts
	Edit an Existing AppleScript
	Use GUI Scripting
	Use AppleScript Folder Actions
	Learn More About AppleScript
Script the Command Line with Shell Scripts
	Create Your Own Shell Script
	Try Another Script
	Shell Scripts Outside the Shell
Use Omni Automation
	What Omni Automation Can Do
	Try Omni Automation in OmniGraffle
Use a Macro Utility
	Control Your Mac with Keyboard Maestro
	Use Another Macro Utility
About This Book
	Ebook Extras
	About the Author and Publisher
Copyright and Fine Print
Also by Joe Kissell
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