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Rolling Bearing Analysis - 2 Volume Set by Tedric A. Harris (Author), Michael N. Kotzalas (Author) 2006

Rolling Bearing Analysis - 2 Volume Set

Details Of The Book

Rolling Bearing Analysis - 2 Volume Set

edition: 5 
Authors: ,   
ISBN : 9780849381676, 9780429616723 
publisher: CRC Press 
publish year: 2006 
pages: 763 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 14 MB 

Related keywords of Rolling Bearing Analysis - 2 Volume Set book : Engineering & Technology,Design,Machine Design,Mechanical Engineering,Tribology

price : $13.05 15 With 13% OFF

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Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS OF BEARING TECHNOLOGY ROLLING BEARING TYPES AND APPLICATIONS Introduction to Rolling Bearings Ball Bearings Roller Bearings Linear Motion Bearings Bearings for Special Applications Closure ROLLING BEARING MACROGEOMETRY List of Symbols General Ball Bearings Spherical Roller Bearings Radial Cylindrical Roller Bearings Tapered Roller Bearings Closure INTERFERENCE FITTING AND CLEARANCE List of Symbols General Industrial, National, and International Standards Effect of Interference Fitting on Clearance Press Force Differential Expansion Effect of Surface Finish Closure BEARING LOADS AND SPEEDS List of Symbols General Concentrated Radial Loading Concentrated Radial and Moment Loading Shaft Speeds Distributed Load Systems Closure BALL AND ROLLER LOADS DUE TO BEARING APPLIED LOADING List of Symbols General Ball-Raceway Loading Symmetrical Spherical Roller-Raceway Loading Tapered and Asymmetrical Spherical Roller-Raceway and Roller-Flange Loading Cylindrical Roller-Raceway Loading Closure CONTACT STRESS AND DEFORMATION List of Symbols General Theory of Elasticity Surface Stresses and Deformations Subsurface Stresses Effect of Surface Shear Stress Type of Contact Roller End-Flange Contact Stress Closure DISTRIBUTION OF INTERNAL LOADING IN STATICALLY LOADED BEARINGS List of Symbols General Load-Deflection Relationships Bearings Under Radial Load Bearings Under Thrust Load Bearings Under Combined Radial and Thrust Load Closure BEARING DEFLECTION AND PRELOADING List of Symbols General Deflection of Bearings with Rigidly Supported Rings Preloading Limiting Ball Bearing Thrust Load Closure PERMANENT DEFORMATION AND BEARING STATIC CAPACITY List of Symbols General Calculation of Permanent Deformation Static Load Rating of Bearings Static Equivalent Load Fracture of Bearing Components Permissible Static Load Closure KINEMATIC SPEEDS, FRICTION TORQUE, AND POWER LOSS List of Symbols General Cage Speed Rolling Element Speed Rolling Bearing Friction Rolling Bearing Friction Torque Bearing Power Loss Thermal Speed Ratings Closure FATIGUE LIFE: BASIC THEORY AND RATING STANDARDS List of Symbols General Rolling Contact Fatigue Fatigue Life Dispersion Weibull Distribution Dynamic Capacity and Life of a Rolling Contact Fatigue Life of a Rolling Bearing Load Rating Standards Effect of Variable Loading on Fatigue Life Reliability and Fatigue Life Closure LUBRICANTS AND LUBRICATION TECHNIQUES General Types of Lubricants Liquid Lubricants Grease Solid Lubricants Lubricant Delivery Systems Seals Closure BEARING STRUCTURAL MATERIALS List of Symbols General Rolling Bearings Steels Steel Manufacture Effects of Processing Methods on Steel Components Heat Treatment of Steel Rolling Contact Fatigue: Modes and Causes Materials for Special Bearings Cage Materials Seal Materials Surface Treatments for Bearing Components Closure VIBRATION, NOISE, AND CONDITION MONITORING List of Symbols General Vibration and Noise-Sensitive Applications The Role of Bearings in Machine Vibration Non-roundness Effect and Its Measurement Detection of Failing Bearings in Machines Condition-Based Maintenance Closure APPENDIX INDEX ADVANCED CONCEPTS OF BEARING TECHNOLOGY DISTRIBUTION OF INTERNAL LOADING IN STATICALLY LOADED BEARINGS: COMBINED RADIAL, AXIAL, AND MOMENT LOADING-FLEXIBLE SUPPORT OF BEARING RINGS List of Symbols General Ball Bearings Under Combined Radial, Thrust, and Moment Load Misalignment of Radial Roller Bearings Thrust Loading of Radial Cylindrical Roller Bearings Radial, Thrust, and Moment Loading of Radial Roller Bearings Stresses in Roller-Raceway Non-Ideal Line Contacts Flexibly Supported Rolling Bearings Closure BEARING COMPONENT MOTIONS AND SPEEDS List of Symbols General Rolling and Sliding Orbital, Pivotal and Spinning Motions in Ball Bearings Roller End-Flange Sliding in Roller Bearings Closure HIGH SPEED OPERATION: BALL AND ROLLER DYNAMIC LOADS AND BEARING INTERNAL LOAD DISTRIBUTION List of Symbols General Dynamic Loading of Rolling Elements High Speed Ball Bearings High Speed Radial Cylindrical Roller Bearings High Speed Tapered and Spherical Roller Bearings Five Degrees of Freedom in Loading Closure LUBRICANT FILMS IN ROLLING ELEMENT-RACEWAY CONTACTS List of Symbols General Hydrodynamic Lubrication Isothermal Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Very High Pressure Effects Inlet Lubricant Friction Heating Effects Starvation of Lubricant Surface Topography Effects Grease Lubrication Lubrication Regimes Closure FRICTION IN ROLLING ELEMENT-RACEWAY CONTACTS List of Symbols General Rolling Friction Sliding Friction Real Surfaces, Microgeometry, and Microcontacts Closure FRICTION EFFECTS IN ROLLING BEARINGS List of Symbols General Bearing Friction Sources Bearing Operation with Solid-film Lubrication: Effects of Friction Force and Moments Bearing Operation with Fluid-film Lubrication: Effects of Friction Force and Moments Cage Motions and Forces Roller Skewing Closure ROLLING BEARING TEMPERATURES List of Symbols General Friction Heat Generation Heat Transfer Analysis of Heat Flow High Temperature Considerations Heat Transfer in a Rolling-Sliding Contact Closure APPLICATION LOAD AND LIFE FACTORS List of Symbols General Effect of Bearing Internal Load Distribution on Fatigue Life Effect of Lubrication on Fatigue Life Effect of Material and Material Processing on Fatigue Life Effect of Contamination on Fatigue Life Combining Fatigue Life Factors Limitations of the Lundberg-Palmgren Theory Ioannides-Harris Theory The Stress-Life Factor Closure STATICALLY INDETERMINATE SHAFT-BEARING SYSTEMS List of Symbols General Two Bearing Systems Three Bearing Systems Multiple Bearing Systems Closure FAILURE AND DAMAGE MODES IN ROLLING BEARINGS General Bearing Failure Due to Faulty Lubrication Fracture of Bearing Rings Due to Fretting Bearing Failure Due to Excessive Thrust Loading Bearing Failure Due to Cage Fracture Incipient Failure Due to Pitting and/or Indentation of the Rolling Contact Surfaces Wear Micropitting Surface-Initiated Fatigue Subsurface-Initiated Fatigue Closure BEARING ENDURANCE TESTING AND ELEMENT TESTING METHODS List of Symbols General Life Testing Problems and Limitations Practical Testing Considerations Test Samples Statistical Analysis of Endurance Test Data Element Testing Rolling-Sliding Contact Friction Testing Closure APPENDIX INDEX

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