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Robertson on Library Security and Disaster Planning by Robertson, Guy 2016

Robertson on Library Security and Disaster Planning

Details Of The Book

Robertson on Library Security and Disaster Planning

edition: 1 
serie: Chandos information professional series 
ISBN : 0081000774, 008100088X 
publisher: Chandos Publishing 
publish year: 2016 
pages: 195 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 6 MB 

price : $11.2 14 With 20% OFF

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You can Download Robertson on Library Security and Disaster Planning Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter,Copyright,Dedication,Introduction,About the author,AcknowledgmentsEntitled to full textSection A: Safety and security1 - Unofficial wisdom: A review of occupational health and safety, Pages 3-11
2 - Our vision of things: Basic eye care for librarians, Pages 13-17
3 - Stress? Settle for less, Pages 19-24
4 - The Elvis biography has just left the building, and nobody checked it out: A primer on library theft, Pages 25-31
5 - The data backup process: An overview for saboteurs, Pages 33-36
6 - What’s a little larceny between friends? Confessions of an info-thief, Pages 37-39
7 - Clearing the air: Improving indoor air quality in libraries, Pages 41-44
8 - Downsizing the binder: Effective security planning for libraries, Pages 45-48
9 - Risks, rules, and enforcement: Enhancing child safety in the library, Pages 49-51
10 - Shelving and safety: An overview, Pages 53-56
11 - “It’s not just the books!” Wheelchair patrons speak out, Pages 57-60
12 - Beyond band-aid solutions: Dealing with medical emergencies in your library, Pages 61-64
13 - Not for the squeamish: The dirty truth about your library, Pages 65-69
14 - Senior security: Keeping the elderly safe, Pages 71-74
15 - Stealing from library patrons: A helpful introduction, Pages 75-79
16 - Into every professional life, a little moon will shine: Dealing with sub-problem patrons, Pages 81-85
17 - Wise to the forger’s tricks: Detecting bogus signatures and inscriptions in collectable books, Pages 87-89
18 - Know thy vendor: Getting the best in off-site records storage, Pages 91-94
19 - Healthy snacks, safe stacks: How one library enhanced its security, Pages 95-99
20 - Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst: A disaster planner’s experience, Pages 103-109
21 - People, paper, data: Disaster planning for libraries, Pages 111-119
22 - Investigating risk: Assessing and analyzing trouble before it strikes, Pages 121-124
23 - A van and a plan: How consortium offices can contribute to disaster recovery, Pages 125-128
24 - Lights out! Dealing with power outages in your library, Pages 129-131
25 - Water finds a way: Dealing with leaks and floods in your library, Pages 133-136
26 - Postponing Alexandria: Dealing with catastrophes and disasters in your library, Pages 137-139
27 - Pandemic perspective: How an outbreak could affect libraries, Pages 141-144
28 - Disaster? No plan? What a library director should do, Pages 145-147
29 - Out! A guide to emergency evacuations, Pages 149-154
30 - Flood protection: Avoiding the wrong mix, Pages 155-161
31 - Surviving by committee, Pages 163-167
32 - Emergency management training for your library: The joys of tabletopping, Pages 169-173
33 - Gimme shelter: Extreme weather and your library, Pages 175-179
34 - Bookstore disasters: Surviving the worst, Pages 183-185
35 - A word from a pro: Protecting your store against book thieves, Pages 187-189
36 - Sabotage for beginners: Destroying vital records, Pages 191-194
37 - Success without college: How cheaters prosper using fraudulent credentials, Pages 195-197
38 - Social engineers and their victims: Making the wrong contact, Pages 199-201
39 - State of the art: Risks to valuable artworks and their owners, Pages 203-206
40 - Post-traumatic stress: Finding a way to heal, Pages 207-209
Index, Pages 211-217

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