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Brilliant Meetings: What to know, say & do to have fewer, better meetings (Brilliant Business) by Duncan Peberdy 2009

Brilliant Meetings: What to know, say & do to have fewer, better meetings (Brilliant Business)

Details Of The Book

Brilliant Meetings: What to know, say & do to have fewer, better meetings (Brilliant Business)

edition: 01 
ISBN : 0273721828, 9780273721826 
publisher: Pearson Business 
publish year: 2009 
pages: 273 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 3 MB 

price : $12.75 17 With 25% OFF

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You can Download Brilliant Meetings: What to know, say & do to have fewer, better meetings (Brilliant Business) Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

About the authors
Welcome to Brilliant Meetings
Part 1 Next time you participate in A Brilliant Meeting
	Using meetings to advance your career
		First impressions
		Choose your seat
		Your personal ‘Elevator Pitch’
		Making the right contribution
		Using positive language
		Meeting ground rules
	Meeting ground rules
		The Brilliant Meetings ACTION PLAN
	Before the meeting
		Meeting request, meeting invitation, or meeting demand?
		Review the agenda
		Considering your contributions
	Contributions and presentations
		Planning your contribution
		Structuring your contribution
		Contribution/presentation delivery options
		Microsoft PowerPointTM
		Delivering content
		Checklist - Brilliant Contributions & Presentations
	During the meeting
		Choosing your attitude
		Creating your positive attitude
		Questioning techniques
		Your body language as a participant
	Blagging it!
		brilliant tips
	After the meeting
		Leaving the room
		Meeting actions
		Communicating outcomes
		Summary for participating in a Brilliant Meeting
		Checklist for Participating in a Brilliant Meeting
Part 2 Next time you prepare for a Brilliant Meeting
	Why has the meeting been scheduled?
		Meeting purpose
		Meeting objectives
		Meeting title
		The agenda
		Costs and benefits
	Who needs to be invited?
		Choosing your participants
		Who to leave out
		Assign meeting roles
	When should the meeting be scheduled?
		Meeting date
		Time of day
	Where should the meeting take place?
		Venue considerations
		‘More work, less traffic’
	What else needs completing?
		Reinforce ground rules
		Distribute briefing notes
		Collate presentations in advance
		Schedule catering and breaks
		Meeting notes
		Meeting invitation
		Additional preparation
	In-room meeting resources – if you’ve got them, use them!
		Flip chart
		Dry erase board
		Data and video projectors
		Plasma and LCD displays
		Audio conferencing
		Video conferencing
		Wireless remote presenter
		Interactive whiteboard
		Visualiser/document camera
		Response systems
		Summary for preparing a Brilliant Meeting
		Checklist in Preparation for a Brilliant Meeting
Part 3 Next time you lead a Brilliant Meeting
	Setting the tone
		First impressions
		Opening statement
		Housekeeping issues
		Meeting reminders
		Working with a new group
		Reaching decisions
	During the meeting
		Managing the agenda
		Managing and encouraging contributions
		Questioning techniques
		Dealing with challenging behaviour
		Recognising body language
		Dealing with conflict situations
		Impromptu meetings
	Concluding the meeting
		Close on a high!
	Same time – different place
		Multi-location, but one leader
		What time is it?
		Cultural differences
		Managing participation
		Sharing content and presentations
		Meeting evaluation
	After the meeting
		Evaluate meeting feedback
		Managing follow-up actions
		Wider communication
	Do something different
		Personal check-ins
		Ice breakers
		Exercise and nutrition
		Flip chart fun!
		The attention grabber
		Breakout groups
		Take away
		Summary for leading a Brilliant Meeting
		Checklist in Preparation for a Brilliant Meeting
Part 4 A Brilliant Meeting every time
	The organisational benefits
		Do bad meetings really exist?
		How to effect a change to a positive meeting experience
		Understanding why people meet
		Do effective meetings matter?
		How much do Brilliant Meetings cost?
		The Brilliant Meeting effect on employees
		The Brilliant Meeting effect on customers
		The Brilliant Meeting effect on corporate social responsibility targets
		Aim to be brilliant – make meetings matter

First 10 Pages Of the book

Comments Of The Book