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Advanced Multibody System Dynamics: Simulation and Software Tools by Edward J. Haug (auth.), Werner Schiehlen (eds.) 1993

Advanced Multibody System Dynamics: Simulation and Software Tools

Details Of The Book

Advanced Multibody System Dynamics: Simulation and Software Tools

edition: 1 
Authors: ,   
serie: Solid Mechanics and Its Applications 20 
ISBN : 9789048142538, 9789401706254 
publisher: Springer Netherlands 
publish year: 1993 
pages: 491 
language: English 
ebook format : PDF (It will be converted to PDF, EPUB OR AZW3 if requested by the user) 
file size: 19 MB 

Related keywords of Advanced Multibody System Dynamics: Simulation and Software Tools book : Mechanics,Mechanical Engineering,Computer Science, general,Numeric Computing,Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

price : $11.48 14 With 18% OFF

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You can Download Advanced Multibody System Dynamics: Simulation and Software Tools Book After Make Payment, According to the customer's request, this book can be converted into PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and DJVU formats.

Abstract Of The Book

Table Of Contents

Front Matter....Pages i-xi
High Speed Multibody Dynamic Simulation and Its Impact on Man-Machine Systems....Pages 1-18
An Object-Oriented Data Model for Multibody Systems....Pages 19-48
“Block-oriented Modelling of Rigid Multibody Systems with Regard to Subsystem Techniques”....Pages 49-66
A Software Environment for Analysis and Design of Multibody Systems....Pages 67-86
CAD Modeling, Multibody System Formalisms and Visualization — An Integrated Approach....Pages 87-106
The Benefits of Parallel Multibody Simulation and its Application to Vehicle Dynamics....Pages 107-126
Recent Advances in the Numerical Integration of Multibody Systems....Pages 127-151
Symbolical Programming in System Dynamics....Pages 153-172
Dynamic analysis of complex multibody systems using methods for differential-algebraic equations....Pages 173-194
Multi-Body Systems with Rigid-Elastic Subsystems....Pages 195-215
On the Dynamics of Multibody Systems with Elastic Beams....Pages 217-236
Approximate Analysis of Flexible Parts in Multibody Systems Using the Finite Element Method....Pages 237-256
Modeling of viscoelastic elastomer mounts in multibody systems....Pages 257-276
Simulation of Failure Scenarios for Movable Steel Structures....Pages 277-296
Optimal Positioning of Viscous Dampers in Linear Multibody Systems....Pages 297-314
Signal Analysis in Multibody Systems....Pages 315-336
Computational Aspects of the Finite Element Approach to Flexible Multibody Systems....Pages 337-354
DYNAMITE: Multibody Dynamics via Projection Method....Pages 355-360
ACIDYM, a Modular Software for Computer-Aided Learning of Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Multibody Systems....Pages 361-366
VDAS — a Toolkit Approach to Vehicle System Simulation....Pages 367-372
ROBOTRAN: Symbolic Generation of Multi-Body System Dynamic Equations....Pages 373-378
SMS: An Easy-To-Use 3D-Simulation Package for CIM....Pages 379-383
Two Different Methods for Simulating the Motion of Variable-Mass Multibody Systems....Pages 385-390
Simulation of the Dynamic Behaviour of Complex Multiaxle Systems with Controlled Driving Axes....Pages 391-396
Ode Formulations for Multibody Dynamics: Numerical Aspects....Pages 397-402
Deployment Kinematics and Dynamics Simulations of Large Reflectors....Pages 403-408
Determination of Dynamic Stresses by Multibody Dynamic Models Incorporating Flexible Body Analysis Applications of DADS....Pages 409-414
Dynamic Analysis of Constrained Multibody Systems in Orthonormalized Tangent Space....Pages 415-420
An overview of MEXX: Numerical Software for the Integration of Multibody Systems....Pages 421-426
A Parameter Estimation Method for Multibody Systems with Constraints....Pages 427-432
Boundary Element Methods for Contact Problems....Pages 433-438
Integration of Recursive Equations of Motion for Multibody Systems with Loops....Pages 439-444
Standard Input Data of Flexible Members in Multibody Systems....Pages 445-450
Constrained Mechanical Systems in Descriptor form: Identification, Simulation and Control....Pages 451-456
Parameter Identification of Nonlinear Descriptor Systems....Pages 457-462
Control Analysis and Synthesis of Linear Mechanical Descriptor Systems....Pages 463-468
An Extended Descriptor Form for the Simulation of Constrained Mechanical Systems....Pages 469-474
Back Matter....Pages 475-482

First 10 Pages Of the book

Comments Of The Book